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Offseason Information


OPTIONAL SUMMER PROGRAMS - These are optional programs provided to help players hoping to try out for the Prior Lake High School boys soccer program improve throughout the summer season.  We're really excited about being able to provide these opportunities for our program this summer. 

FOR THOSE REGISTERING, YOU can choose to sign up for just THE FITness SESSIONS, just THE FIELD TRAINING SESSIONS, or both. 


Registration for the FITness SESSIONS and FIELD TRAINING SESSIONS is now open - players MUST be registered to participate.

*Note - these programs are different from Laker Performance, which is a summer strength and conditioning program run at the high school (that players could choose to attend instead) - you would NOT be able to attend Laker Performance and the FITness and FIELD TRAINING sessions as times would overlap.  This will be discussed further at the Spring Meeting.


The FITness option will consist of a summer training program designed for the PL Boys Soccer Program by Aaron Leventhal and his team at FIT Studios.  The program will be administered by PL Boys Soccer coaches. 

Registration Fee:  $180

Participants: Players that will be at Prior Lake High School in the fall (2023) and plan to try out for the boys soccer program

Days/Dates:  The FITness program will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings starting June 12.  There are 18 dates.

  • Monday: Dynamic Loading
  • Tuesday: Endurance
  • Thursday: Strength
  • PHASE 1: BUILDING - Learning movements; building a foundation
    • Week 1 - June 12, 13, 15
    • Week 2 - June 19, 20, 22
    • Week 3 - June 26, 27. 29
  • MSHSL NO CONTACT WEEK - July 1 - July 7
  • PHASE 2: IMPROVING - Opportunities to show/measure growth
    • Week 4 - July 10, 11, 13
    • Week 5 - July 17, 18, 20
    • Week 6 - July 24, 25, 27 

Time: 8:30am - 9:45am     

Daily Plan:

  • Warm-up
  • Correctives
  • Power & Strength
  • Weekly focused training sessions (Dynamic Loading, Endurance, or Strength)

Location: Laker Field at Twin Oaks Middle School (turf/grass)


The FIELD TRAINING portion of the summer program will be an on-field training option provided to interested players.  The training will be sessions designed using small-sided games where players will have the opportunity to focus on technical skills and tactical understanding in addition to learning about training standards, expectations, and a variety of leadership topics (communication, connection, vulnerability, accountability, and the importance of TEAM).  If numbers allow, groups within the session will be organized by grade and/or level.  at Twin Oaks Middle School on the Laker Field, or the grass fields just outside the turf stadium. 

Registration Fee:  $60

Participants: Players that will be at Prior Lake High School in the fall (2023) and plan to try out for the boys soccer program

Days/Dates: The FIELD TRAINING portion of the program will meet Wednesday mornings starting June 14.  There are 6 training dates.

  • June 14, 21, 28
  • MSHSL NO CONTACT WEEK - July 1 - July 7
  • July 12, 19, 26

Time:  8:30am - 9:45am     

Location:  Laker Field at Twin Oaks Middle School (turf/grass)



Reminder - you can register for the FITness Sessions, the Training Sessions.

or BOTH!


$0 registration fee - SERVE TO PLAY

Limited spots available!  Registration will happen via Sign-Up Genius when dates/times are made available.  The opportunity to sign-up is provided in order of seniority and team placement during the 2022 season.  

The SOL OF THE CITIES FUTSAL LEAGUE was a new addition last summer...and we LOVED IT!  Participation is limited and spots are offered in order of seniority and last season's team placement.  For more information on SOL OF THE CITIES unique and impactful serve to play model, visit

Days/Dates: Exact dates will be made available soon - last summer we played Saturday mornings in July after the MSHSL no contact week.  This coming summer, that would be July 8, 15, 22, 29, and 30.

Time:  Between 8am and 12pm - each week players have a game and participants in the game are required to volunteer for an hour before or after the game each week (depending on game time).

Location:  TBD



The document below was sent to players/families in November 2022.

The first page is full of what we want from our players and future leaders - many of which were areas of focus for our leadership discussions as a program this fall.  The second page outlines options and opportunities available during the high school offseason.


Please share, please talk about these things, and please let us know if there are great things happening that we could highlight and acknowledge.  We'd love you to reach out if you have constructive feedback or ideas for the boys soccer program as we move forward.  We want to continue to provide a program built for the players and supported by families, the school, and our community...and we need your help to accomplish this.




ON YOUR OWN - Individual Training

Your individual fitness and skill levels are under your control.  If you want to get better, you have to dedicate the time to work at it. And the more meaningful you choose to make the work - the more improvement you will see!  

Try it!  15-20 minutes of focused ball work at least a few days a week for an extended period of time.  15 minutes of hard, focused work will do you better than an hour of goofing around and not trying to get better,  Yes, every minute with your foot on the ball helps, but if those minutes have purpose, you will see improvement.

Below are some resources with great individual workouts or skill sessions for anyone interested.


The options below are free of charge - available on YouTube.  Bring up a video, follow along, and put some work in.  

Opportunity Elite Player Development

YouTube page - select playlists and either choose to work through the 7 day program, or looks through the available options on any ball mastery playlist for some great sessions.

Michael Lewis Cunningham footballer and performance caoch

7mlc YouTube page - seemingly countless numbers of videos for whatever part of your game you'd like to focus on. Scroll through videos or check the playlists for a series to work through. LOTS of opportunities to get better here! GK videos included.

Virtual Soccer Pro - tomthom11

Great sets of playlists created to challenge soccer players to get better.


There are several apps available for those willing to pay for the structure.

Beast Mode Soccer

COST - Monthly and yearly subscriptions available.

My Personal Football Coach

COST - Dynamic Ball Mastery and other courses available for purchase.

Techne Training Program

COST - Yearly or monthly subscription available.


We can't forgot about our keepers!  Check out the following:

Indiana ODP resource (for GK's)

Use the arrow to scroll through the various options. Warm-up, footwork, touches, core, strength, handling, and more.

Pro GK Academy - YouTube

Check the playlists for some focused resources.

Pro-1 GK Virtual Coaching

Lots of videos with options for you to do at home.