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Summer 2021

Lots of planning being done to provide opportunities for the boys this spring and summer.  Below you will find more information about the following:

Please know that all spring/summer opportunities are optional.  We are always trying to provide the best for our players - please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or ideas to help the PL Boys Soccer Program continue to move forward.

Open Play Opportunities

Optional open play days are being organized and run by members of the Boys Soccer Leadership Group.  These are not considered program events and are player-led with no coach involvement.

Days/times have been included on the Calendar.  Attendance would only be taken in accordance with MDH safety protocols - please reach out if you'd like to be connected with members of the Leadership Group or if you have questions.

Spring/Summer Meeting

Time and date TBD.

The Spring Meeting this year will provide an opportunity to discuss optional summer events, prepare for the fall season, and answer any questions people may have regarding the boys soccer program and registration.  A great opportunity to find out more about the program if you're interested.